Are you at risk from Toll Fraud?

The global cost of telephone fraud is around 25bn euros each year and is rising by 15%.

Toll fraud, also known as phreaking or phone hacking is a risk to businesses of any size with an estimated 85% of business considered to be vulnerable.

A single attack can typically cost a business thousands and as a worst-case scenario result in bankruptcy.

NEC’s Toll Fraud Guard application helps defend a business against toll fraud attacks and provides peace of mind for the user.

  • Effective 24/7 defence from Toll Fraud
  • Low cost solution with no extra PC required
  • Configurable to your specific business call activity
  • Built-in application for the SV9100 & SL1000 series communication solutions

So what is Telephone Toll Fraud?

Toll Fraud is a huge global treat which is on the increase by 15% year on year. It is estimated globally at £25.5bn in telephone call charges of which £1.2bn is in the UK.

We are now the 3rd most targeted country in the world. Worst of all its a threat that most businesses don’t truly understand or defends themselves against.

84% of UK businesses are estimated to be OPEN to hacking! You have to ask yourself, are you one of those business?

The average cost of a hacking scam is £10k and that’s on your telephone bill with no one to claim against.

So what exactly is Toll Fraud and more importantly are you protected?

Telephone Toll Fraud is an attempt by hackers to gain unlawful remote access to your telephone system.

They usually get in via an open IP port or SIP port but it can be something as simple as your voicemail box.

Attacks are highly organised from automated servers from around the world and most attacks usually happen out of working hours so go undetected.

Once these server have access to your telephone system, call are setup and routed through your telephone system to international destinations. These are then sold over the black market.

Again these usually happen after working hours and is discovered after the event or worst still when you receive your next phone bill!

So are you protected?

I often ask myself this. You wouldn’t think twice about not applying a firewall to your data network or antiviral software to a new PC or laptop. So wouldn’t you protect your telephone lines or extensions? After all these can be accessed by external means.

Unused telephone extensions ports do not need a telephone plugged in for hackers to gain access.

Voicemail boxes can have outside line access for notification reasons. If not password protected this can be another potential in for a hacker.

This also applies to unused voicemail boxes of course.

Outside lines can also be accessed by your auto attendant, your press 1, press 2, press 3 system. The same applies to remote maintenance access ports or DDI’s. All these are a means in or out of your telephone system.

So what can FGS do for you?

NEC has developed a Toll Fraud Guard. This is an application that is built into the telephone system. It is embedded into the processor so there’s no need for a PC, Server or any external hardware and associated hardware costs that come with that.

The application has a built in Health Check and is accessible from any web browser so you have full control over your telephone system security.

How does the NEC Toll Guard Work?

The application will monitor all your call traffic 24/7 365 days a year.

If Suspicious activity is detected in real time, the application will send you an alert email warning your system is maybe under attack. The email will show you your call information and the reason why the Toll Guard has detected this.

By replying to the email you can either chose to either block or allow the calls to continue. Alternatively the application can do this completely automatically.

The set up and the installation of the Toll Fraud Guard is quick and easy.

You simply purchase a one off lifetime license from FGS your NEC Approved Dealer and Service Provider. The configuration based upon your businesses specific call behaviour patterns. For example:- Office Hours, your staff and public holidays, the length of your normal call durations or excessive call attempts. All these and many more parameters make the application bespoke to your security needs.

From these parameters a set of rules are created and quite simply if a rule is broken an alert is sent.

Don’t forget the Toll Fraud Guard no only protects you from External hackers but also from Internal abuse of your telephone system by monitoring your staffs calling patterns. You can make amendments to your configuration at anytime via your web browser using the Toll Fraud Guard administration tool.

System Health Check

The NEC Toll Fraud Guard has a fantastic feature, System Health Check. On installation the application runs a programme that will scan your telephone system and configuration looking for potential weaknesses in the high risk areas that hackers could gain access through.

It will check your usernames and passwords making sure that they are not set to default. It will check your extension number range including unused extension numbers. It will check your remote extension security settings for things like your home workers or any offsite extensions you may have.

Call forwards and any external call transfer settings are also checked even your auto attendant, your press 1, press 2, press 3 system, as this can have external access if not locked down.

So by identifying the security risk areas the installation is now tailor made for your specific system making it as effective as possible.

Summary – Why should I chose an NEC telephone system enable with Toll Fraud Guard
•Peace of Mind
•On Duty 24/7 365 days per year
•No equipment or additional hardware costs
•Prevent hacking and save £k’s
•Tailored to your business’s patterns
•Zero maintenance
•Easy to use
•Prevent internal telephone abuse