LG Hybrid Communications Platform


Powerful and Reliable Communications Supporting Your Business

Hybrid communication platform helping you evolve to the latest technology

The iPECS eMG80 from Ericsson-LG Enterprise delivers simple and reliable telephony with a feature set
that empowers your business to save money, drive productivity and increase customer satisfaction. With a
range of embedded features that help your business compete and win, the flexibility to meet the needs of
office, home or remote users, the iPECS eMG80 is Your Communications Solution.

Easy and economical UC

iPECS UCS Standard server is built into the
eMG80. Users can use video, IM, audio
conference, visual voicemail, as well
as voice calls on one platform.
An external server, iPECS UCS Premium,
provides even more collaboration features.

Simple to use and flexible

Intuitive handset and desktop interfaces
help users to quickly grasp the benefits of
iPECS technology and adopt it into their
daily tasks and business processes.
Flexible architecture ensures iPECS can
grow and adapt with your business.

Seamless expandability

With the iPECS eMG80 you can start small
with 2-12 users and grow seamlessly
to more than 100 ports. iPECS eMG80
delivers cost effective communications
to small and growing businesses and
affordable expandability to medium-size

Rich features

The eMG80 comes highly featured
straight out of the box without expensive
licence options – voicemail, autoattendant,
voicemail to email, smartphone
integration, on-demand call recording and
much more. The in-built specialist features
are designed to deliver a tailored solution
for every user.

iPECS UCS Key Features

  • Call control: Control all of your calls and telephony from your desktop or mobile client
  • ClickCall: A simple mouse click to dial numbers from your screen
  • Chat Instant Messaging: Chat to colleagues, collaborate on simple questions and exchange information
  • Call Through/Call Back: Call through your main office system to secure reliable and cost effective call rates
  • Outlook integration: Outlook contact and schedule synchronisation
  • Audio Conference Manager: Voice conference (Ad-hoc, Room, and Group), easily invite attendees using drag & drop
  • Video Conference & Collaboration: Video conference up to six colleagues on UCS Premium including screen sharing, white board & web push functions
  • Visual Voicemail: Manage all of your voicemail on your PC, smartphone or tablet

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