SIP Trunks

Great call quality

Sound quality is improved through our engineered core network & use of the latest codecs.

Stable & Reliable

Years of core up time is expected and delivered by careful engineering and a team dedicated to delivery.

Instant Provisioning

Need more voice channels? Want to order 100 London, Manchester or other city numbers? Get them instantly through FGS Telecoms.

What is a SIP?

A SIP Trunk is a facility that allows the placing of outbound calls and the receiving of inbound calls using an internet connection, rather than using an ISDN line. Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is used to set-up and ‘tear-down’ telephone calls over IP networks, including the internet. It is this VoIP protocol that is most widely supported by modern devices, including IP-enabled PBXs.

Number Porting

Moving location or just want to move to SIP? You can keep all your numbers which will be moved over to FGS Telecoms. We realise your numbers are important to you, so a dedicated provisioning team look after the process.


Allowing all types of communication; voice, data & video to use the same network has been around for many years. The efficiencies can be great, but it must be integrated correctly. Directors Lee Westcott and Fred Smith have a strong background in converging your networks together.

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