Lease Lines

Internet Leased Line

An internet leased line is a dedicated, private circuit that delivers internet connectivity to your site.

An internet leased line will deliver unrivalled quality of service and unlike DSL services have a 4 hour fault repair SLA in the event of a fault in comparison to the 40 or 20 clock hour fix offered on broadband products. Internet Leased Lines are delivered as a Fully Managed product in that FGS Telecoms will supply hardware with the circuit (usually Cisco) that will be remotely monitored and managed by our team.

Having a fully managed service means the headache of managing the circuit is removed and allows you to focus on your business.

A Leased Line can also form part of your company’s “IT Disaster Recovery Plan” (IT DRP) which should be developed in conjunction with the usiness Continuity Plan”.

In the resent floods in during Christmas 2015 in West Yorkshire 100% of all our Leased Lines remained 100% operational and when used in conjunction with our SIP Trunk service if your offices do become flooded we can relocate your phone calls to another office at a touch of a button minimising the losses to your business.

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