Sage Live

Accounting software

  • Focus on things that matter by eliminating low-value tasks
  • Act at the right time with real time information
  • Connect all your business and use an integrated solution
  • Expand your business beyond walls and go mobile, social and even global

Manage your accounting and your business more efficiently

Sage Live is a revolutionary cloud accounting solution built on the Salesforce platform. Designed to eliminate low-value tasks and silos within a company, Sage Live is mobile first, natively social and scalable, empowering small and medium businesses to achieve their ambition by delivering accurate, real time information from their business-critical apps in one solution.


Analyse up-to-date client data, metrics and KPIs at-a-glance through real-time scoreboards. Use multi-dimensions to track your performance the way you want.


Replace a mix of disconnected resources, desktop software and single-function business apps with an easy-to-use integrated solution built for your business.



Improve collaboration, get better commitments from everyone and speed up decision making in your company by leveraging Chatter posting and real-time newsfeeds.

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