AVG Secure Sign-On

Make secure access to all  services simple, across all  your compatible devices Simplify how you protect and manage the SaaS and mobile applications your customers are accessing from their BYOD and business devices.

AVG Business SSO

AVG Business SSO is designed for end-users to log in securely and easily to all their services across all their devices by a single master password. This way you are in control.

Your IT administrators and Managed Service Providers can easily consolidate and manage your credentials, and at the same time, tackle the risk with BYOD with the built in Mobile Device Management.

How does this benefit you?

Ease of use

Users will not have to remember multiple passwords for mass applications. Instead, one master password will be enough to access more than 2500 of the most frequently-used, or the ability to add your own, applications from desktop, mobile and tablet. Eliminate the hassle of getting lost in a sea of passwords and resetting the password again and again.


  • Less risks and more protection AVG Business SSO offers additional security with multi-factor authentication to ensure a secure log-on from anywhere from multiple devices. Eliminate risk from easy to remember, reused and/or improperly managed passwords, reducing the risk of data breach. In addition, with integrated Mobile Device Management, you can easily protect your data on mobile devices remotely.
  • Increased productivity Users will be more productive when they don’t need to spend time tracking down and resetting passwords to access their services. Therefore, it frees up valuable IT resources by less forgotten password calls. With Active Directory integration, user management becomes effortless for IT admins, no need to add users manually to SSO. In this way, SSO greatly increases productivity for both end-users and IT.