Cabling Services

FGS Services are experienced in a wide range of structured cabling technologies including but not limited to CAT5e, CAT6, Single & Multimode Fibre.

Our trained & certified installation teams are experienced in delivering services to many types of buildings both old and new, and often work whilst the building is still under construction.

The range of our Structured Cabling Services includes;

  • Project & Site Management
  • Site Surveys, Risk Assessments & Method Statements as required
  • Material Specification & Procurement
  • Storage and Logistics
  • Installation & Testing Services by our trained and certified teams
  • Maintenance

What category of cable is right for my business?

Cat 5e This ‘enhanced’ version of Cat 5 supports 10 gigabit speeds and with bandwidth up to 200MHz and less interference than CAt5. As the lowest category cable for gigabit Ethernet it’s a cost-effective solution for applications such as media streaming that need to transmit large datasets.

Cat 6 With a higher signal-to-noise ratio than Cat 5e and bandwidth up to 250MHz Cat 6 is called for where there are multiple and simultaneous network demands, including video conferencing and large data transfers.

zoom-72908879-3-480x310Cat 6a With double the bandwidth of Cat 6 (500MHz) and far less interference, Cat 6a comes into its own where a greater distance needs to be covered – handling up to 100 metres. This consists of 90 meters (295 ft) of solid “horizontal” cabling between the patch panel and the wall jack, plus 10 meters (33 ft) of stranded patch cable between each jack and the attached device.

Cat 7 Double shielded for maximum interference protection, Cat 7 is considerably more costly but with 600MHz bandwidth it is now the accepted standard for ultra fast Ethernet and an effective way to future-proof your network.

10g This is the fastest category of Ethernet standard – recommended for critical applications that need maximum headroom for data transmission such as hospitals, government facilities and datacentres.

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