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Computers are more than just PC’s or Laptops – it’s your education, social life and business. More and more people are now using one device to keep track of multiple workflows, social streams, and other business activities. The perfect laptop makes your life easier, more productive and more enjoyable, so finding the right one is important.
As Fujitsu Select Expert Partners we have helped transform the working lives of healthcare professionals in the UK by delivering innovative ICT solutions for multiple NHS, private healthcare, education establishments and private business.


Fujitsu technologies are focused on enhancing the patient experience and medical outcomes through the latest innovation and process enhancements.

Fujitsu’s healthcare customers benefit from their 40-year experience of working with government. They pioneered the use of shared services in the UK public sector and today their technology enables critical functions across 50 government organisations.
They adopt a benefits-driven approach to the design and delivery of projects, ensuring that advances in technology can drive true change and efficiency gains in your organisation.

Available Assets

Fujitsu Healthcare Brochure 2014-15 (pdf)
Fujitsu Inform Guide to Healthcare ICT (pdf)
Fujitsu Video: Server + storage in Healthcare

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FGS bring years of experience in education sectors. We are passionate about every stage of the learning process, supporting educators in uncovering the potential that will help students move onto the next stage in their lives.

From the devices that help teachers in the classroom through to the systems that support educational infrastructure, our real-world innovations are backed by leading research and development to ensure that the best technology is available for you and your students.

With the pressure on to balance learning demands with restricted budgets, educational establishments need to invest wisely for long-term success. We provide the solution with quality, intuitive products that are both accessible and affordable. As students, teachers and IT departments explore a new era of learning, FGS and Fujitsu partnership is by their side – opening up a world of possibilities.
Available Assets

Fujitsu Education E-Guide (pdf)
Fujitsu Inform Guide: server + storage in Education (pdf)
Video https://player.vimeo.com/video/118483654

Education Summer Promotion

Education establishments of all sizes are using virtualisation to overcome traditional issues of rapidly obsolete technologies or changing requirements. We offer a range of IT infrastructure solutions to meet the ongoing needs of education IT departments. From scalable storage to state-of-the-art servers and rapid virtualisation solutions, we are providing the hassle-free technology to open up new opportunities in education.


Schools seeking a quick way to introduce virtualisation can take advantage of Fujitsu Cluster-in-a-box. A low-cost and entry-level virtualisation platform, Cluster-in-a-box allows for the consolidation of a number of physical systems to increase availability. With no hidden costs, it is ideal for schools where budgets are tight and IT expertise may be limited. Learn More….


Those schools, Further Education providers and Universities that need a complete virtualisation solution will find what they are looking for with Fujitsu vShape. Offering the opportunity to deploy an end-to-end virtualisation platform, vShape also reduces time to deployment and minimises the IT effort required to install a new IT system. FGS takes care of all aspects of implementation and provides single-call contact so IT departments can simply focus on end user support. Lear More…


Storage efficiency is essential for education establishments faced with growing demand. Fujitsu’s ETERNUS storage portfolio tackles this issue head-on. An innovative, block based system, the ETERNUS DX range provides a simple solution to the challenges of scalability. The results are long-term cost savings and a sustainable response to ongoing IT needs. Learn more

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