Online Backup

Disaster Recovery as a service (DRaaS) is about more than preventing data loss, it’s about enabling your workforce to stay productive by focusing on how to reduce the time taken to get back up and running.

As well as floods, fires and other major disasters, business owners need to consider the more frequent disruptions such as hardware failures, security breaches and routine power outages. IT downtime has a significant impact & cost on an organisation via loss of productivity, significant commercial losses, reputational damage and reduced client confidence. Some businesses never recover and even 1 day without IT systems can often be fatal.

At FGS we work with you to design the best disaster recovery solution for your business and its requirements. We focus on how quickly you need to be able to recover your systems (Recovery Time Objective) as well as how frequently you would like to back up to ensure that extra level of granularity (Recovery Point Objective).

Backing up your data is only the first step. If your servers were to fail tomorrow – yes you may have your data backed up on tape or in the cloud but what would be the next step? Do you have a recovery plan in place? Does it take you minutes, hours or days to recover and restore your systems?

Virtual Disaster Recovery (VDR)

VDR is the next generation of disaster recovery for IT infrastructure.

dr-products-gridIn the event of a disaster, VDR enables customers to launch their data, applications and operating systems into a securely managed, standby cloud environment.

Your primary environment, whether it be physical or virtual, is backed up at least once a day to our ISO accredited data centres. When a disaster strikes, we launch a replicated copy of your environment by  spinning up virtual servers and can have you back up and running within a few hours. Employees remain operational and can  access their virtual environment from any internet enabled device from any location.

The beauty of DR as a Service is that you get a fully comprehensive DR solution for a low, fixed monthly fee per GB. There’s no upfront investment, no hardware costs & no risk of over provisioning.

Benefits of Virtual Disaster Recovery:

•    Recover and Restore your business within hours
•    Massive savings by removing the need for dedicated failover hardware
•    Users can access systems from any web enable device in any location
•    Zero upfront costs and simple ‘pay monthly’ OPEX pricing
•    Full DR Plan included
•    Contributes to ‘Green IT’ by only provisioning standby hardware when a disaster strikes
•    No changes required to your existing storage or server infrastructure

Business Continuity

Combined with our innovative backup and replication technologies, Virtual Business Continuity (VBC) offers the purest form of disaster recovery which helps to deliver near 100% uptime for mission critical services.

For many businesses, being without IT systems, applications and email even for a few hours can be catastrophic. In this case it is essential you invest in a Business Continuity solution to cope with problems in advance so that, even in exceptional circumstances, your organisation and employees can remain operational.

Superior to both traditional DR & even VDR, Virtual Business Continuity will allow you to restore your systems and be back up and running within minutes.

Virtual Business Continuity allows clients to store a virtual image of its servers, data and applications within FGS’s ultra-secure data centres. This virtual image acts as a highly available, bootable copy of the protected machines, data, infrastructure and applications. In the event of a disaster the this replicated environment is simply switched on and the client is provided with VPN access to continue as normal.

This provides all the benefits of co-located, fully managed solution but for the fraction of the price that would come with using physical hardware or building your own DR infrastructure.

By charging a low monthly fee per GB we’re able to offer this full Business Continuity solution for a lower price than most IT providers charge for just backup!

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