Private Cloud

Private Cloud is the most secure and high performing solution available for businesses seeking the added resilience of having their infrastructure, servers and storage housed within a secure data centre environment. Many clients prefer not to operate in a multi-tenant public cloud environment. This may be due to internal policies, compliance legislation or personal preference. Private Cloud essentially offers private infrastructure, operated solely for an individual organisation based on hardware completely dedicated to that business.

Hybrid Cloud

Our Hybrid Cloud solutions enable the best of both worlds by combining services from your own private cloud environment, with FGS’s public cloud services and architecture.

By locating your services in our private data centre, you can consume resources from our public cloud platform, whilst adding additional storage and capacity to your private environment.

A Hybrid Cloud is used for organisations looking to combine the cost-efficiency and scalability of shared infrastructure with the performance and security of a dedicated Private Cloud environment. This works for organisations wanting to mix and match solutions, for example, shared infrastructure for e-mail combined with dedicated infrastructure for business critical applications and sensitive data.

We work with numerous companies who want their enterprise resources managed & delivered via an FGS’s private cloud environment, whilst having other services e.g.. hosted email, applications or web hosting delivered from a ‘shared’ public cloud platform. Once deployed, we can managed and support your Hybrid Cloud solution, infrastructure and network as 24/7 fully managed service.

Hosted Desktop

A Hosted Desktop, otherwise known as a Cloud or Virtual Desktop, allows you to work ‘Anywhere Anytime’, with your business applications, data, email and software packages never leaving your fingertips.

The end-user experience of using a hosted desktop is identical to that of a desktop PC – it looks, feels and behaves in exactly the same way, regardless of where you are working.

Cloud Backup

With Cloud Backup, all backup monitoring, management and administration is delivered as a fully managed service, enabling you to focus on the running of your business with complete ‘peace of mind’.

It is reported that 80% of businesses affected by a major data loss incident either never re-open, or close within 18 months. Tape or hard drive backup is increasingly fragile – data is often corrupted and backup failures often go undetected. Businesses also run the risk of ‘missed’ backups due to employee absence, fire, flood or theft.

Eliminating human error, Cloud Backup, also known as Online or Offsite Backup, safeguards your business critical data, operating systems and applications. In the event of a disaster, your cloud based data allows your business to remain operational with minimal downtime suffered.

Backing up servers, email exchange, virtual platforms, desktops, laptops and mobile phones, we can support any level of data from single users to multiple sites. Your daily backup streams in the background to our ultra-resilient UK data centres meaning you never have to worry about the security of your data ever again.

Hosted Applications

Whilst the user experience is identical to using a local application, having a business application hosted as a service (SaaS) effectively allows you to ‘rent’ your business critical software for a low, cost effective, monthly fee.

Backed up daily, hosted applications are housed within our secure, ultra-resilient data centre, meaning you can benefit from 99.99% uptime and guarenteed bandwidth.

If your employees work from home, would like ‘on-the-go’ access, or you have multiple offices and don’t know where to put your applications so everyone can access them – a Hosted Application may be for you.

Hosted Applications eliminate the cost and risks associated with deploying solutions locally to your on-premise infrastructure. FGS manage your application so that you can spend more time focusing on your business rather than worrying about patching software, performing upgrades and backing up data.

Furthermore, Hosted Applications save organisations capital expenditure by removing the need to purchase the application and dedicated hardware in the first instance.

Office 365

Due to the remote access it provides to familiar applications, Mircosoft Office 365 is a hugely popular choice for organisations delving into ‘cloud’ for the very first time. Click here to find out more…