broadgate-test-169x300Project Management

In order to deliver the high quality of products and services we offer it is imperative that where possible we have 100% control over the project and services that are supplied.

This allows the job to progress within the given timescales successfully and on budget.

If we are providing all the products and services for our client this services is normally “Free of Charge” depending on the size of the job.

It just makes sense to me as the owner of the business, (say’s Fred Smith) that we don’t charge for something that we would have to plan and deliver anyway, it doesn’t sit right with our FGS beliefs, so we don’t do it!

Some of the recent job’s that we have completed range from Medical Centres, Chiropractic Clinic’s, Well Being Centres, Veterinary Centres to Offices blocks, Schools and Bars.

Here’s some example before and after pictures to give you a brief idea of the different works we have done.

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