DarkLight® Gigabit Cities

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DarkLight® Internet Connection Availability

DarkLight Internet connections are designed to give UK schools and businesses completely future proofed internet. Because of our partnership with Exa and CityFibre, we’re able to offer DarkLight across some major UK cities – we’ve put together this page to show you exactly where DarkLight is available right now.

With DarkLight, you’ll get world-class internet speeds (starting at 100 Mbps – for both uploads and downloads) which can be upgraded at any point because of our dark fibre network from CityFibre. You can change your internet speed whenever you want, without any additional construction being necessary, with multi-gigabit speeds already being available.

DarkLight cities with multi-gigabit internet

Using a DarkLight internet connection, you’ll get a huge number of advantages for your business, cutting down wasted time and improving efficiency while outperforming the competition.


Future proof DarkLight Internet in Bradford

We’ve always been a Bradford-based business, so we’re proud to be able to provide DarkLight for Bradford schools and businesses. Bradford was one of the first cities we started to offer DarkLight in, with thousands of organisations being eligible for the connections. We’re giving Bradford businesses the ultrafast connection speeds that they need to compete in the global market.


Ultrafast DarkLight Internet in Leeds

One of the UK’s leading industrial and academic cities, Leeds was another of the first cities to receive DarkLight internet connections. With Leeds having some of the UK’s leading businesses, DarkLight will help support some major industries. Leeds DarkLight connections for schools will also help the city’s education system improve their already high standards.


Multi-Gigabit Internet in Milton Keynes

From the start, Milton Keynes has been heavily invested in modernity. Our Milton Keynes DarkLight internet connections ensure that businesses around the area can keep on innovating, while letting schools provide their students with truly modern education.


DarkLight Internet for Northampton

Northampton DarkLight connections let the city’s businesses benefit from world-class speeds, while supporting the city’s schools as they push to improve their already-high level of success.


Sheffield speeds up with DarkLight Internet

We’re expanding our DarkLight services into South Yorkshire, making the county one of the fastest connected areas in the world. As one of the UK’s leading economic cities, Sheffield has a huge number of businesses able to benefit from DarkLight connections. By bringing multi-gigabit speeds to companies across Sheffield, we’re opening up new possibilities for industry – better access to cloud technology, improved communications and more. We’ll also be supporting Sheffield’s many students with our ultrafast connectivity.

Estimated Live Date: November/December 2016


Next generation DarkLight Internet in Doncaster

Another major area in South Yorkshire, Doncaster is home to a wide variety of businesses, along with a significant number of schools. By bringing DarkLight Internet connectivity to Doncaster, we’ll be opening the door for new businesses looking for world-class service, while helping other companies expand and bringing students complete access to online resources.

Estimated Live Date: November/December 2016


World Class Internet with DarkLight in Rotherham

We’re bringing the next generation of Internet access to schools and businesses across Rotherham, supporting some of the UK’s leading companies with ultrafast Internet connectivity, while providing emerging industries with the tools they need to expand and supporting the use of online tools for education.

Estimated Live Date: November/December 2016

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