DarkLight internet for businesses

The last broadband you’ll ever need!

It’s widely estimated that slow internet costs businesses in the UK over £11 Billion a year, and that number is just rising.

With the rise of cloud computing, video conferencing and big data, companies now need high quality internet connections more than ever, but many businesses and the market as a whole have been slow to catch up with this need.

At FGS Services we’ve seen many companies assume that consumer-level internet connections are enough for their needs, and seen how much time and money they lose as a result of their slow speeds. On the other hand, until now, high quality connections have been prohibitively expensive – top-quality connections have cost tens of thousands a year.

Incredible internet speeds

Hassle-free upgrades

Reliable internet performance

DarkLight connections let your company get world-class internet speeds. Our basic connection packages range from 100 Mbps to 10Gbps, with an almost unlimited scope for improvement. Because DarkLight connections don’t use contention ratios, you’ll get the exact speeds you pay for – not the slower speeds most ISPs deliver.

DarkLight is based on a dark fibre system from CityFibre, which means that along with ultra-fast speeds, you’ll get the ability to upgrade your company’s internet connection at any time – without any extra construction. Dark fibre internet means that we install fibre optic cables with a significant amount of extra capacity, letting you change bandwidth and speed whenever you want.

DarkLight internet connections come with a 99.9% uptime Service Level Agreement, which means that your connection is far more reliable than standard ones. Internet downtime costs your business money, so we’ve minimised it with DarkLight. We also have an award-winning UK base support team designed to quickly help you with any problems.

DarkLight Benefits for Businesses

Future proofed internet design
Because of the dark fibre network we use, it’s easy to upgrade your connection speed at any time. DarkLight is really the last internet connection you’ll need to install – you’ll never need a physical upgrade.

Ultra fast internet
DarkLight connections for businesses start at 100 Mbps – enough to download an hour of HD video in less than a minute. With our standard DarkLight packages offering up to 1 Gbps, you’ll be getting an incredible internet connection for your business.

Quick cloud uploads
DarkLight connections from FGS offer symmetrical uploads, so your business can upload as quickly as you download. This means that uploading data to the cloud is now incredibly quick, so you won’t be left waiting for files to upload.

Bespoke internet packages
At FGS, we’re all about flexibility. We know that many companies need different things from their internet, so we’ll work with you to develop an internet package that gives you exactly what you want, with nothing you don’t need.

Reliable internet performance
With our DarkLight connections offering a 99.9% SLA, you don’t have to worry about costly and inconvenient internet downtime ever again.

Flexible internet choices
DarkLight lets you change your connection speed at practically any time. Hosting a major conference or want to see if a faster connection suits your company? You can temporarily increase your speed at any time, with DarkLight offering complete flexibility.

Short term contracts
With FGS DarkLight, you won’t be stuck in an overly long contract. Our 3-year internet contracts for businesses make sure you won’t be held down, although with our customer retention rate of over 99%, we’re sure you won’t want to leave.

Uncontended internet connections
FGS, we’re committed to giving you exactly what you pay for. You can rest assured that you’ll get the internet speeds that you pay for, because DarkLight is a dedicated connection between you and us.

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