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FGS Dark Light

Future Proofed DarkLight® Internet for schools and businesses

DarkLight is the last internet connection you’ll ever need to install for your business or school. Here at FGS, we’ve been providing high quality internet connections to schools and businesses for nearly two decades, and now we can provide DarkLight to give you truly future proofed internet connectivity.

With DarkLight speeds starting at 100 Mbps, even our lowest speeds give you ultrafast connectivity. Because of our symmetrical connections, when we say ‘speeds’, we mean uploads as well as downloads – both are just as fast.

Our connections use a Dark Fibre network, which means upgrading your speed is easy – no additional construction is needed. That means you’ll always be able to get the speeds your organisation needs, from ultrafast 100 Mbps connections to gigabit-plus internet.

DarkLight internet comes with a wide range of different advantages for schools and businesses, so we’ve put together a couple of different pages to show you a bit more.

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DarkLight for Schools

DarkLight for Businesses

DarkLight Cities

DarkLight Features

With ultrafast DarkLight connections, you can get school internet fast enough that it can provide incredible speeds no matter how many devices are connected. DarkLight connections are also frequently cheaper than the connections schools are currently using.

With ultrafast DarkLight connections, businesses can save a huge amount of time and money while improving profits significantly. Our symmetrical connections make using cloud data simple, bring you complete internet reliability, and give your business the internet speeds that you pay for. Our future proofed internet connections also make security far more convenient.

While we’re quickly rolling out DarkLight connectivity in cities across the UK, we don’t have everywhere covered. Our DarkLight Cities page looks at the areas where schools and businesses can get our multi-gigabit internet connections, from our home city of Bradford to major areas like Leeds, Milton Keynes and more.

DarkLight Internet connections include a huge range of features all designed so that your organisation gets world-class internet performance which can be upgraded at any time. Our DarkLight Features page takes a look at some of the most useful functions our multi-gigabit connections offer, and links to detailed pages on each feature.