Can your business afford a ransomware attack?

After the global ransomware (WannaCrypt) attacks that occurred on 12th May this year, have you asked yourself, can your business afford a ransomware attack?

As data become encrypted on your Servers and PC’s could your business continue operating if you couldn’t access its data?

Would it have an impact on your customer and your business reputation?

The average downtime is around three days, but what does that mean financially to you?

These are all important question we need to ask ourselves over the next few week and we’re here to help you make the right decisions for you and your business.

Prevention is the best Protection! There’s not one just one thing you need to think about; it’s about doing several things in a correct manor along with the education of your staff and good working practices. Area’s such as backup, software patching, employees policy’s and good antivirus are just some of the things you should be talking to your IT provider or us.

As an AVG partner we have put together Ransomware Survival Guide for you to look at which you can look at by clicking here: – Ransomware Survival Guide

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